Unrelated (2014)

Prix de la danse de Montréal: Discovery Prize, presented by Agora de la danse et Tangente 



Unrelated is a dark work that expresses the cruelty and vulnerability confronted by women, across the globe. The choreographer focused her research on the violence confronted by Indigenous women in Canada which enraged the young woman herself and affected her personally. Unrelated is the first choreography of the choreographer, Daina Ashbee, who since its premiere in 2014 has come to realize that this is unfortunately a crises the affects women all around the world.


While exploring the self, cultural destruction, violence and self- destruction. With a disconcerting lucidity, Unrelated boils with feelings of emptiness and erupts with violence suggesting the loss connection, culture, identity and community.


Stunningly Interpreted by Areli Moran and Irene Martínez, Unrelated is a study of corporeal sub-conscience and Ashbee’s deconstruction and transformation of her own self-image. It is a deliberately disturbing and sensual creation.



Artistic Direction, Concept, Choreography & Scenography: Daina Ashbee

Interpreters and Performers: Irene Martínez and Angelica Morga

Lighting Design: Timothy Rodrigues


Music: Bashar C#

Outside Eyes: Lee Su-Feh, Michael Greyeyes

Duration: 65 minutes

Photo & Video: Alejandro Jiménez

Premiere: October 3rd and 4th 2014 at The MAI (Montreal, Arts Interculturels)

Residencies: MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels), Studio 303, Native Earth, Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique

Supported by : Canada Council for the Arts, The British Columbia Arts Council, The First Peoples Language, Heritage and Culture Council. The MAI (Montréal Arts Interculturels)

Past performers: Daina Ashbee, Paige Culley, Clara Furey


October 23 & 24 - 2021 Usine-C, Montreal, Canada

June 28/29 2021 - Montpellier Danse, Montpellier France

March 12th 2021 - Matkalla maan keskipisteeseen, Jyävaskylä, Finland

June 29th 2020 - Montpellier Danse Festival - Montpellier, France (cancelled)

October 27 - 28 2017 - National Arts Centre - Ottawa, Canada

June 29 2017 - The Venice Biennale - Venice, Italy

May 24 - 25 2017 fabrik International Dance Festival - Potsdam, Germany

May 14 - 15 2017 - DANCE - Munich, Germany

November 24th 2016 - Sacred: homelands festival - London, England

Octobre 21 - 22  2016 - Oktoberdans Festival - Bergen, Norway

March 5 - 6 2016 - Teatro del Centro de las Artes - Monterrey, Mexico

March 1 - 3 2016 - M.I.I.C.A., - Mazatlan, Mexico 

February 24th 2016 - Sunland School of the Arts - Mexico City, Mexico

September 28 - 29 2016 - La Chapelle: Scènes Contemporains - Montreal, QC

le 3 décembre 2015 - Parcours Danse: La danse sur les routes - Montreal, QC

3 & 4 October 2014 - MAI (Montréal Arts Interculturels) - Montreal, QC