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Dancing the Land - Pacha

Living in an ancestral vision between nature and the human being, Gabriel and Daina create through movements in small pendulums, touching the earth, providing a force where it is a way of giving thanks to that time and space.


Generating bonds of transformation through the observation of the breath and the dance of feet making a conductive thread of energy where naked bodies are simply forms that are part of the ecosystem imagining as roots that sprout through growth in that dimension that are transformed and generating life, Gabriel, together with the collaboration of Daina, choreographically creates this sub-realistic concept, as a form of gratitude to each special animal or plant to offer and celebrate life on earth and return again to the deepest roots, begun to transform and de-transform as a group of organic hybrids of nature where the energies have always been and never die. If not, they mutate to continue generating a new organic and healing cycle.


And reflecting that importance of caring for and valuing Mother Earth as all native cultural identities have done since their origins.


That is why one of the reasons that Gabriel gives the name of Pacha to this film in which the meaning in the Quechua and Aymara languages is earth world-cosmos, Space, time, in the South American indigenous cultures of the Andes.

For Dancing the Land, Indigenous Theatre invited artists from coast to coast to coast to create brief digital works using the land as their source of inspiration. We were gifted passionate, raw, and beautiful explorations of the artists’ relationships to the land and this moment in time. 

Over the next 12 months, we will present 18 creations from across Turtle Island and beyond. These pieces come from community; they arrive by the roots of the people who have always been here. 

Welcome to Dancing the Land. 




Concept and Choreography: Gabriel Nieto & Daina Ashbee

Videographer: Nicolas Van Acheter

Photographer: Stephanie Paillet 

Interpreters: Gabriel Nieto, Daina Ashbee, Irene Martinez, Bhakti Dog

Production: Daina Ashbee 

Support and Co-Production by: The National Art Centre of Canada, Indigenous Theatre 

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