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My Tale On A Fish's Body (2024)

A landscape of bodies, nothing that didn’t come from this earth.
They move as one, as much as they move as individuals.
The space they occupy transforms with movement o
ver time.
History is layered in the landscape surrounding us. Our stories unravel as we watch the shapes and symbols. As we listen and as we feel. Memories are layered in structures that the body holds for us.
Our stories are projected in the room; not spoken, not told, they are bodily. Here they expel generations, continuous cycles of abuse deeply stagnant.

Bodies, nothing that didn’t come from this earth. Like a forest of trees, whose roots are supported by the land, even in the midst of radical changes. Wild fires. Earth encompasses us all, even through destruction and time.











Artistic Direction, Choreography & Concept : Daina Ashbee

Dramaturgy : Nanako Nakajima, part 1 & Alejandro Ronceria, part 2

Rehearsal director  : Gabriel Nieto, Part 1

Interpreted by: Camil Bellefleur, Imara Bosco, Rachelle Bourget, Sarah Flack, Nyda Kwasowsky, Shvii Rosen, Greys Vecchionacce, Andrea Scotta, Morgane Gillou

Live Musician : Gabriel Nieto 

Sound Design : Edgardo Moreno 

Stage Manager : Kerry Johnson 

Photo by : Rita Taylor - courtesy of The Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity

Production : Daina Ashbee, Jason Dubois (New Works)

Administration : Francesca Fung (New Works) 

Duration: 90 minutes



THE BANFF CENTRE FOR ARTS AND CREATIVITY - Clifford E. Lee Choreographer Prize 


FUNDING PARTNERS : CANADA COUNCIL FOR THE ARTS - Research grant and International residencies grant

CREATION : February 4 - 25th, 2024, Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity - BANFF, ALBERTA, CANADA


PREMIERE : February 23rd, 2024, 5pm, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity - BANFF, ALBERTA, CANADA

FOR TICKETS : click here


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