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Hello, Buffalo (2023) began as a small gesture to perceived beings and animals that cohabitate this realm with us. In acknowledging their presence and existence, I realized we often do so from a very human lens where we categorize, humanize and manipulate these animal forces. 

As the title suggests, we begin in dialogue with and amongst one another (hello) in the performance space. We are each acknowledged and seen. Eventually audience merges with performer as performer merges with natural energies. These energies take us to abstract spaces where bodily sensations draw us away from the narrative we are inclined to build and develop to frame and validate our understanding of each experience. 

Also searching for a goal and narrative, performer Imara Bosco eventually sucks us deep into the power, forces, cries and songs of animals and nature, wiping away layers of human consciousness and diving into the experience of earth, animal and other living frequencies.

Hello, Buffalo is a glimpse into an imaginary world we know nothing about, assuring us mother nature will be here when we are gone. Images, vibrations, somatic impulses: something we know and can feel. Can we allow ourselves to be carried away from the need to categorize, organize or control what comes within us and in front of us?








Artistic Direction, Choreography : Daina Ashbee 

Interpreted by : Imara Bosco


Rehearsal director : Gabriel Nieto

Scenography : Daina Ashbee

World Premiere : New York Live Arts - May 18 & 19 2023, New York City

Photo : Hello, Buffalo by Maria Baranova of Imara Bosco 2023

The creation of Hello, Buffalo was supported in part by New York Live Arts’ Live Ideas 2023: Planet Justice


Avant-premiere, April 1st 2023, Gabriola, BC.

World-premiere, May 18th & 19th 2023, New York City, New York

Canadian premiere, September 30th & October 1st 2023, Kitchener, Ontario

A hollow swimming pool hall

diving boards,

many lengths. 



Shallow waters.


Belly flops. 



Full body, full body Water.

Walk on Water.

A sinking Island.



Words of devotion.

Worship the land



Agua de luz in a swimming pool hall.

Many diving boards, different lengths.

A belly flop.

hollow pools, dry lands, thirsty landscape.


bodily glow.

Whisper prayers of devotion. 

Hot feet burning on dry lands. 

Worshiping the burning sun.

Sinking in, drowning above, the melted concrete


pads of islands off of rough lands.

Tumbling into water. 

sinking with


© 2023
Daina Ashbee - All rights reserved.
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