A new experimental project under research by Daina Ashbee...

The choreographer is undertaking a deep process of challenging her current teaching and choreographic processes in order to evolve and expand the current modalities of sharing intimate live performances abroad internationally. 

Following the ruptures of the global pandemic in 2020, Daina travelled abroad to teach specialized workshops for women in various countries around the world; the workshop participants took part in various movement practices and learned the repertoire of Ashbee. 

The project is Daina's evolutionary process of building a specific workshop and performance piece that is meant to travel the world, be taught to and performed by only locals. Daina's intimate practices and performances that have pierced audiences worldwide, are brought to each individual, who will gain experience in performing the work for local communities at the end of the workshop.

This model of touring brings the artist to various places and communities, and shares her work extensively, profoundly and thoughtfully. The choreographer's pieces are known for their stunning aesthetic and symbolism, which bring important stories to the surface through the the naked body of the performers and through time, space and rhythm.

Photo : Anaisa Flores

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