Created by : Daina Ashbee

Rehearsal Director : Gabriel Nieto (Nomad of the South) 

Mentor : Benoît LaChambre

Performers : Daina Ashbee, Briseida Lopez, Benjamin Kamino, Gabriel Nieto, Irene Martinez, Angelica Morga, Greys Veccionacche*

Technical Director

 : Elaine Helguera

Administrative Director : Angelica Morga

Original Music Composition : Sean MacPherson (Burmis Tree)

Additional Music Arrangements:  Gabriel Nieto, Daina Ashbee 

Photo : Daina Ashbee

*Performers are sometimes interchangeable due to COVID19 travel restrictions

Daina Ashbee’s latest work unfolds like a ritual celebration dedicated to the body. In a minimalist landscape driven by cycles of change, seven dancers fluctuate between possibilities: from animal to human, mundane to spiritual, from pain and sorrow to ecstasy. Down on all fours, they experience the elation of a new harmony and equilibrium but soon are flipped upside down, eluding gravity, and portraying a resurgence of the power to act in a community


June 9&10

Rencontres Chorégraphiques de Saint-Seine Denis

Paris, France

June 15&16 

KVS Brussels City Theatre

Brussels, Belgium

Co-production partners: 

KVS Brussels Stadstheater, Festival TransAmériques – FTA, Agora de la danse, Rencontres chorégraphiques

internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis (FR), BIT Teatergarasjen (NO), National Arts Centre

Residency partners: 

Conjunto Santander de Artes Escénicas (Guadalajara), KVS Brussels Stadstheater

Funding partner: 

Developed with support from the National Art Centre’s National Creation Fund

All rights reserved, copyright Daina Ashbee 2021